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Canal Street coming January 18, 2019

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Smart DVD Movie

The Tree Widow

Great gift for your whole family

A beautiful widow (played by writer, director, actress Allison Mills Newman) takes women into her home to help them get on their feet.  They learn about true love, acceptance and staying abstinent till marriage.  The message of abstinence is so powerful and encouraging in this movie.  This is a must see for all family members especially singles. Comes with study guide book. See the trailer and then order by sending an email [email protected] 

Smart Food

Eat to live

Senior Strategist

Alkaline foods are known to heal the body.  If you are ready to lose weight and get super healthy and you live in the Atlanta area, then Daily Goodsip has brought us delicious savory meals that can be delivered right to your home or office.

Visit their website at [email protected]

Smart Girl

CEO Destiny Adams has a huge 2018 goal

Destiny has has a goal of exposing 1,000 kids to coding by the end of 2018.  And she is just 15 years old!  We actually met Destiny at a pitch event where she was the only teen in the competition. What does it take to reach this type of goal? (more) 

Smart Word

What did you just say?

Was it positive or negative?

Senior Strategist

Are you the type of person that speaks exactly how you feel or exactly how you want to feel?  Do you speak of how ultimate health just flows through every vessel of your body or how sick you are and everyone needs to know it?  You are either speaking life or death and you are the one that has to live with it.  

Smart Giving

Chloe's Treasure is helping moms with child loss

When Tiffany Cunningham found out that she had lost her baby that had grown for 22 weeks inside of her, she was devastated...Chloe’s Treasure is dedicated to helping parents who have experienced loss of an

infant due to miscarriage, stillborn, newborn death, and SIDS...(more)

Smart Hair

Shea Moisture has the best ingredients from around the world

But that is not the only reason that we love these products.  It's the story behind the brand that Sofi Tucker's grandchildren are steadfast in quality and giving back (more)

Smart Mom

Mel Robbins talks about the 5 second rule

Mel Robbins has made a career of teaching people that it is not about motivation.  She says that if you are always waiting to be motivated, you are not going to get much done.  Although her 5 second rule can transform your life (more)

Smart Travel

Thailand Resort

The Keemala

Aside from settling down and building a new home, this community was very much interested in their psychological and physical well-being. Having survived the brutal storm, as well as weathered years of harsh nomadic existence, they cultivated extensive knowledge about the human body, herbal medicines, and holistic treatment of the body and mind (more)