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Yoshi Holland

  In the past, Yoshi teamed up with moms to help them communicate better with their daughters that build life long loving relationships.   That has been one-on-one, group coaching and seminars.  Yoshi is moving into media platforms.  Creating an online magazine that gives moms and girls smart avenues in various categories.

This is not Yoshi's first magazine.  One of her most significant bodies of work has been the publishing of Atlanta Girl magazine. This was a teen-focused fashion and beauty magazine but with very self-empowering articles. Even though the articles were empowering, she eventually believed that what the camera saw has no significant value in what was really important in the growth of a girl's life. The makeovers made the girls feel amazing but she realized through observation and conversations with the girls and moms that it was only a temporary feel good moment.

She knew they needed more. They needed someone that knows what they are feeling inside...what they go through day after day. They need someone to tell them how to be respectful, why they shouldn't spend so much time trying to get noticed by a boy, reasons why their mother yells and makes them do chores, the advantages of staying abstinent until marriage...and ultimately how they should handle all of this.

She has a true  to good food

Yoshi has a teenage girl and boy, Taylor and Dakota.

She also has another business where she designs and prepares savory electric alkaline meals that heal.

Email her for more details at [email protected]

She has all Faith and Trust in God...

Saved through Jesus Christ...

and guided daily by the Holy Spirit.

What her clients are saying

.My blood pressure has been going in the right direction since I began eating Yoshi’s meals.

-J. Bryant, CNN Security

After one 30 minute life coaching session with Ms. Yoshi, I felt like I had completed 2 hours of therapy. She was able to ask me one question which caused me to spill a lot of the mental junk that I had been harboring unknowingly. I am excited to continue our sessions in the hopes of clearing out more junk. I'm officially calling our sessions a "mental spring cleaning."

-Catherine W., Teacher/Entrepreneur